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Renault Trucks K earthmoving truck

In the field of construction and public works, you need robust and productive vehicles with a high payload, enhanced with the latest safety features. We are here to help you choose your construction vehicle with the Renault Trucks K range and different services adapted to your activity.

Robustness, reliability, productivity: Renault Trucks K range DNA

The Renault Trucks K is a construction vehicle capable of working with heavy loads and on rough or soft ground, making it the benchmark in terms of construction trucks. It offers optimised daily productivity for a profitable construction operation.

All rigid & tractor vehicles have been reinforced and optimised for greater robustness and reliability and include features that enable it to cope with all types of situations.

Key features:
  • Reinforced chassis
  • Reinforced rear suspension
  • Off road mode of the Optidriver gearbox
  • High ground clearance
  • Best angle of attack on the market
  • 100% steel 3-piece bumper 
  • Front lights with protective grilles


Renault Trucks K


If you often work in environments with particularly harsh conditions, you may want to choose the XTREM version of the Renault Trucks K. Its payload is increased to 34 tonnes, with a total loading capacity of 100 tonnes for the 6x4 holder, and up to 120 tonnes for the 6x4 tractor. The Renault Trucks C and K can bear a mass of 13 tonnes on each rear axle.

The Renault Trucks Master may also be suitable for more local sites, such as landscaping sites.

Safety: a major challenge on site

The Renault Trucks K is equipped with several driver assistance features that enable the driver to operate in complete safety on the site :


  • Anti-runaway Park Brake

    Automatic activation of the park brake when driver presence cannot be confirmed and engine is running.

  • Manual accelerator 

    For greater control of engine speed and traction on soft ground 

  • Differential locks 

    For increased traction. Intuitive free-wheel control on the dashboard.

  • Speed limitation in Reverse
  • Reversing camera + Reverse buzzer
  • Optibrake

    The most powerful engine brake on the market. 

  • EBS - HSA - ASR 
  • Electronic braking system including ABS (anti-lock braking system), brake assist, Hill start aid and traction control.
  • Neutral selection override

    Standard on all ranges.

° The Renault Trucks C and K boast the best angle of attack on the market and the K model has a ground clearance under the axle of 15 inches, and 20 inches under the tank.

For each vehicle, the chassis’ stringers can be reinforced in different places depending on the bodywork, to guarantee the structure’s resistance. To avoid the engine from clogging up, the Renault Trucks K is fitted with a cyclonic air pre-filter to prevent dust from entering.

Any loading or vehicle problems on the construction site can lead to lose time and reduced operational efficiency. To limit this risk and bolster driver safety, the trucks’ cab boasts excellent visibility. Drivers can also easily keep an eye on their load thanks to a side step that can be safely accessed using the handlebars on the roof.

Renault Trucks C

The Renault Trucks C and K are equipped with several driving aids, to assist drivers on construction sites:

  • Manual accelerator to boost engine power on unstable ground
  • Hill-start assist
  • Electric and automatic parking brake
  • Optidriver automatic gearbox with an off-road mode to help change gears when driving through construction sites
  • Xtended mode with extra-slow gear for driving through construction sites with heavy loads
  • Differential motor blocked by a rotary button for easier access
  • Optibrake, the most powerful engine brake on the market

Renault Trucks vehicles are perfectly at ease both on construction sites and out on the open road. Their powerful engines and on-road features ensure high commercial speed during transit, whilst avoiding excess consumption – improving your profitability.

Renault Trucks C

Reduce your running costs

Make the most of your company's vehicles and drivers, with the Renault Trucks Optifleet fleet management tool. Thanks to the geo positioning of your trucks and feedback from driving data, you will be able to organise your runs in the most efficient way possible or modify them in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 

As you have surely noticed, the consumption of construction trucks can sometimes be high. Most of the time, this is due to a less than optimal use of the vehicle. By choosing Optifleet, Renault Trucks' fleet management solution, you can also monitor the detailed consumption of your vehicles and obtain very precise information on the origin of excessive consumption. This can be due to driving, but also to excessive use of the engine at idle or with a power take-off engaged. Optifleet also alerts you to over-consumption according to the thresholds you have set. 

In the same way and so as to preserve your activity, Renault Trucks offers personalised maintenance plans with fixed prices, intervention time determined at the time of making the appointment and the manufacturer's parts and labour warranty which will ensure the longevity and performance of your vehicles.

Follow up on how your fleet is being used and reduce consumption

As you may have noticed, fuel consumption on construction sites can escalate quite quickly. Most of the time, this is because vehicle usage is not being optimised. By choosing Optifleet, the fleet management solution designed by Renault Trucks, you can gain detailed insight on your vehicles’ fuel consumption and understand the factors that contribute to it. High consumption can be caused by driving style, excessive idle use of the engine, or by high power take-offs. Optifleet also warns you if you exceed a consumption threshold you have set. The EcoScore module identifies your drivers’ areas for improvement, and offers a specific programme dedicated to construction site activities.

Renault Trucks C

Reduce your maintenance costs

The strength and robustness of vehicles and parts are put to the test when doing earthmoving work. To avoid any excess costs and plan vehicle servicing, Renault Trucks offers various personalised maintenance packages. These plans are transparent, quick to implement and require no long-term commitment. Invoicing and services durations are also determined in advance. All maintenance work is conducted in our workshops, by experts specifically trained in the technologies and products used by Renault Trucks. We only use original parts, to guarantee quality and durability for your vehicles.

In aiming to reduce costs, whenever you need to replace a used or damaged part, Renault Trucks also offers a standard exchange service. Rather than using a brand-new part, we renovate and recondition parts in line with a strict industrial process, and validate each element prior to remarketing. The reconditioned part’s qualities and performance levels meet the same requirements in place for new parts, and are also guaranted for two years. Over 2,000 parts are eligible for this service, which is more cost-effective than new parts so you can save money without compromising on quality.

Adapt your financing plan to your earthmoving sites

To help you finance your vehicles, Renault Trucks offers various solutions perfectly-suited to your earthmoving activity. Our formulas take body-building time and activity specificities into consideration. For instance, we know that annual mileage in the field of construction is generally quite low, so we make sure to adapt the financing plan’s duration to optimise operating costs. Your advisor will support you every step of the way when choosing the best formula.


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