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Mining vehicles : a real strain on trucks



For a mining activity to be profitable, it must be based on continuous and reliable logistics: robustness and safety are the two criteria of choice to ensure vehicle uptime and driver performance. The Renault Trucks K XTREM range and its specific service offers will ensure the best yield for your mining or quarrying operation.

Reliability, robustness, and profitability

With its K range, Renault Trucks meets your extreme loading requirements by offering you a vehicle that can carry up to 40 tons of payload for the Renault Trucks K XTREM 8x4 rigids and up to 130 tons for the 6x4 tractor. The reinforced rear parabolic suspension is adapted to support a load of up to 38 tons and 10 tons on front axles. Thanks to the power and torque of the 13L 500hp engine, the K range will ensure a higher turnover rate and therefore greater productivity and daily profitability.

The diversity of the Renault Trucks K range enables it to workLOUIS all the logistical operations of the mine or quarry.


Reliability, robustness, and profitability

The Renault Trucks K model in action in Guinea



Mining transport: safety first

A robust truck is all well and good, but its driver must be able to master all its capabilities and use it in complete safety. To ensure full control of the vehicle and to protect the mechanical parts, the Renault Trucks K has an Optidriver XTREM robotized gearbox, which has been tried and tested for 15 years in all mining conditions. It can also be coupled with one or two extra-low crawler gears (XTENDED) to meet mobility needs on high slopes and soft ground. 


With the Optidriver automated gearbox, the driver remains 100% focused on the road. In terms of driving assistance, the Renault Trucks range is the only one to offer the neutral selection override and the automatic park brake activation.


safety first

Manage your fleet in real time

Optifleet is a connected fleet management service that allows you to make the most of your transport chain from the mine to the goods processing area. This solution facilitates your daily life by allowing you to manage your fleet as closely as possible to your needs.

Save fuel, improve the driving, and use of your vehicles, track engine hours, geo-locate the vehicle and be alerted in real time of a precise position thanks to geo-fences.

With Optifleet, you can share your vehicle data with whoever you want, whenever you want and however you want via a web portal, a mobile application or the integration of data into a third party system (API).

Specific services for the mine


Boost mining transport profitability

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Mines are operated continuously. Any interruption in the transport chain leads to huge loss on your side. To help you increase your vehicles’ uptime, Renault Trucks offers a Personalised Maintenance Plan. This maintenance plan is specially designed based on how you use your vehicles. The plan is jointly approved upstream, and is used to establish a maintenance schedule which will guarantee optimal fleet availability. You know exactly when your trucks need to go to the workshop, thus saving you time.

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Mines are operated continuously. Any interruption in the transport chain leads to huge loss on your side. To help increase your vehicles’ uptime, Renault Trucks offers the Predict option. The goal is to prevent breakdowns instead of having to endure them. The vehicle’s information is sent to a dedicated digital platform, which will follow up on usage and warn your advisor of any necessary interventions. The latter will then set an appointment with you to conduct these maintenance operations, at a time that has little effect on your activity.

As the mine you work in does not necessarily have a service point nearby, we also have mobile workshops. One or several technicians will come on-site to run the maintenance operations on your vehicles.


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