Managing your fleet with Optifleet

Driving your fleet and energy management

100% Connected vehicles ...

100% Connected vehicles


Tailor-Made maintenance plan according to my actual use
PMS wifi


Thanks to connectivity, your Renault Trucks certified repairer will have a maintenance plan adapted to the actual use of the vehicle to offer you maintenance operations at the best time. A respected maintenance plan allows a rationalization of workshop visits and a maximum availability of the vehicle.



Get the best profit of my vehicles with optimized operations in real time and remotely
real time remote


Multi-user solution to improve your daily operations by accessing your vehicle data where, when and how you want.  With Optifleet, you can save up to €5,000 per year per vehicle.


All-inclusive subscription:

  • Unlimited data sharing
  • Roaming included
  •  Access to the web portal, mobile application and API
  • Unlimited number of users

... For efficient daily operations




Geolocate vehicles in real time

With the Optifleet Map module


  • Route planning according to customer POIs and HGV restrictions
  • Real-time monitoring of operations: fuel level, geo-barrier alerts, time
  • Analysis of routes after the fact



Coaching drivers at a distance

With the Optifleet Check module


  • Ecoscore performance report
  • Analysis of driver's driving style 
  1. Fuel consumption,
  2. Consumption in the green zone
  3. Idle time rate 
  4. Braking frequency
  • Low fuel alerts
  • Customizable analysis reports received by mail weekly or monthly



Training in rational driving

With Optifuel training


  • Fuel economy
  • Increased safety in driver behaviour and therefore increased productivity
  • Decrease in maintenance
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