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Renault Trucks D Bin collection

For your urban distribution activity, you need a vehicle that is both compact and maneuverable, but also robust enough to cope with the traffic conditions in the city. The Renault Trucks D helps you to fulfil this mission on a daily basis thanks to its compact size, designed for urban delivery, and its wide choice of wheelbases, which makes it easy to fit many types of different equipment. Among the advantages of the D range, we find cab accessibility which reduces crew fatigue and a wide field of vision essential for safe urban use.

Renault Trucks: a compact and maneuverable vehicle

Whether you are transporting parcels, drinks, or foodstuffs, you need the lightest possible trucks to make your rounds profitable. The Renault Trucks D Rigid 4x2 meets this need with its light chassis, which makes it compact and easy to maneuver thanks to its tight turning circle. 

The D range is renowned for its robustness and payload capacity.

As the issue of cost is so essential, we have tools available to help you limit your trucks’ operating expenses - thanks to financing solutions perfectly-suited to waste collection activities. We also provide a fleet management solution, training courses in efficient driving, personalised maintenance plans and many other services. Along with Renault Trucks’ renowned and network-wide know-how.

More comfortable deliveries in complete safety

The Renault Trucks D cab pays particular attention to the ergonomics of the delivery driver, enabling him to carry out his distribution tasks with less fatigue and in complete safety. Numerous driving assistance functions contribute to its performance and efficiency in dense urban traffic conditions. 

  • Lane Departure Warning System

    warns the driver with an audible signal when it detects an unintentional deviation from the vehicle's path.

  • Hill start assist 

    The brakes are held for a few seconds after the pedal is released to make hill starts easier.

  • Vision door

    available on the passenger side to improve visibility in urban environments (available as an option).

  • Easy cab access with two steps 

    staircase-style step and 90° door opening.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

    maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front by automatically adjusting acceleration and braking (retarders and service brakes) for less fatigue and more safety.

  • AEBS

    Automatic Emergency Braking System (AEBS). Alerts the driver to a possible collision and then brakes and brings the vehicle to a complete stop without any driver intervention.

  • Windscreen access steps 

    to facilitate the driver's daily work and vehicle maintenance.

From financing to fleet management, personalised maintenance plans and the use of original parts, Renault Trucks is there every step of the way to help ensure your fleet’s durability and reduce your operating costs.

Designed for bodybuilding

A wide choice of wheelbases, power take offs, electrical and electronic interfaces, bodywork fixtures on the chassis rails: numerous fittings allow the installation of the equipment necessary for all distribution trades.

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